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State of the Field: Highlights and Approvals for CGT in 2023

The field of gene and cell therapy continues to grow and change with the approval of many new therapies this past year. There is much to highlight about the patient communities affected and what it means for future findings in treatments of rare and genetic conditions.  

Check out the quick takes below from Peter Marks, MD, PhD, and Jeffrey Chamberlain, PhD, adddressing the following questions: (Time: 14 min)

  • What were some of the field highlights for you this past year? 

  • What sort of anticipation does the first CRISPR treatment getting approved create for 2024? 

  • What was unique about 2023 for the CGT field? 

  • Can you discuss accelerated approval, its role over the last year and why it is such an important part of treatment for rare disease? 

  • What lessons learned from 2023 will play a role in the way researchers and scientists approach future research for CGT treatments? 


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2023 was an exciting year for the field, but what do all these approvals mean for access, safety, and long-term outcomes in the communities they affect? To keep you updated on the latest patient education, policy findings, and more, check out ASGCT’s top resources to help expand your knowledge of all things gene and cell. 

Top three resources on for staying up to date on the state of the field:  

  • Subscribe to the Advocate for monthly highlights in regulatory and policy CGT updates 

  • Track ongoing research and stay up to date on newly added CGT clinical trials via our updated Clinical Trials Finder 

  • Review quarterly Gene and Cell Therapy Lanscape updates and check out all the 2023 highlights below: 

    • Hemgenix was approved for hemophilia B in the EU and UK 

    • FDA approved two cell-based gene therapies, Casgevy and Lyfgenia, to treat sickle cell disease 

    • Casgevy is the first approved therapy in the U.S. that uses CRISPR 

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As the gene and cell therapy field expands, so will the need for individuals to keep current on accurate, timely scientific findings. If you want to learn more about gene and cell therapy and want to further connect with those working to change the way individuals view treatments for rare diseases, consider becoming an ASGCT member and attending our Annual Meeting.  

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