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Lunch & Learn: Routes of Administration


Thursday, August 25
12-1 p.m. (CT) (View this event in your time zone)

There are many routes for a gene therapy to be administered. During this Lunch & Learn, we'll break down the most common routes of gene therapy drug delivery, reviewing the preclinical study model and how these routes are currently used in certain approved therapies or clinical trials.  

12-12:05 pm
Moderator: Vivian Fernandez, Executive Director of Patient Advocacy, REGENXBIO

Let’s Talk About Routes of Administration
12:05-12:45 pm 

Speaker: Kimberly Goodspeed, MD, Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical School

Dr. Kimberly Goodspeed will give an overview of procedures, safety concerns, and limitations related to the application of different therapeutic delivery routes in humans. We will also discuss how these relate to delivery in animal models during preclinical studies. Attendees will learn about the use of certain routes for approved therapies or ongoing clinical trials, and what these differences mean for participants.  

Moderated Q&A 
12:45-1:00 pm

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Last Updated: 01/30/2024

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